CYW empowers youths to be radically committed to pursuing dignity, integrity, and empathy.


There has never been a more exciting time for youths to live in. However, today there unprecedented levels of human trafficking, depression, suicides, juvenile crime, rape, dangerous online activities, bankruptcy… not all is well. To counter the global youth crisis, social enterprise Change Your World (CYW), inspires youth to be virtuous and compassionate. Through music, media, motivational talks and other forms of creativity, we present practical solutions to tackle real issues—one of which is modern-day slavery. By engaging the youth to explore important issues, we transform the course of their future. CYW imparts three world-changing values: DIGNITY- The youth are taught respect for all, regardless of colour, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion and social status. INTEGRITY- Through our inspiring leadership and volunteer programs, youths are shown practical ways to practise high moral standards in their everyday lives. EMPATHY- The youth’s hearts are broken as they share about, show compassion and serve the most deprived group of people—the trafficked victims who are poor, oppressed, hopeless and enslaved.

Our History

Launched in 2009, Change Your World goes from city to city engaging & empowering youths. See video below for a sneak preview.

It's been an exciting journey of challenges and victories. In the past 5 years, we have seen youths empowered through all our different events at schools,colleges,homes and offices or our CYW tours. Watch our next video celebrating our 5 years.