The marines have an unwritten law, which is “never leave a man behind.” In Change Your World (CYW) we have an unwritten law too, which is “never think saving one life can’t change the world”. In Change Your World we believe if one person decides they can contribute to save one life, we will change the world.

We know every heart beats for the people; it is just that you do not know what you could do to help. There are more than 36 million slaves today and rising, let’s save their lives and save those who are potential victims of slavery by getting involved in our Ambassadorship Program.

LIVE A LEGACY TODAY! You might not have imagined it, but the smallest gesture of kindness in the simplest ways could orchestrate many others to walk a few miles in your shoe, and perhaps a little further, leaving trails of legacy in your generation. Be inspired to inspire others live extraordinarily inspirational lives.

JOIN TODAY! When you join our Ambassadorship Program, you will receive an Ambassador Kit. In the kit is a CYW Young Ambassador’s Passport, a T-shirt, A 20% Discount Voucher, bookmarks, stickers, CYW Cards, a badge and a FREE CYW Quest DVD containing all the tools you need to create an awareness about the global crisis of modern day slavery.

All you need to do is to enroll yourself. A non-refundable registration/enrollment fee of RM50 per person is required to show your commitment to save lives.

3-2-1 Goal of an Ambassador

i.   Participate in 3 campaigns within 6 months; ii.  Recruit 2 Young ambassadors; iii. Champion 1 team.

a. Form a team with a minimum of 3 members; b. Name your team; c. Create your own project stating clear objectives, goals, the total amount your team is planning to raise and the duration of the project.

Celebrate Lives Ambassadors Award Night

We believe life is to be celebrated when we save lives. After every campaign CYW will host an Ambassadors Award Night where we will award and recognize all the work done by our Ambassadors.