Ambassadorship FAQ

What is CYW Ambassadorship Program about?

The goal of CYW Ambassadorship is to spread the awareness and after care on the global crisis of modern day slavery mainly focusing on our own and the neighboring countries.

The current Ambassadorship Program we are introducing is called the CYW Young Ambassadors.

The CYW Young Ambassadors lasts for 6 months. Upon completion, you will be awarded with a Certificate as well as other paraphernalia to recognize your involvement in saving lives.

How do I participate in the CYW Ambassadorship Program?

To join our program, you must enroll yourself. A non-refundable registration/enrollment fee of RM50 per person is required to confirm your participation upon which, a CYW Ambassadorship Kit, a current campaign T-Shirt and a free DVD called CYW Quest.

What is in the CYW Ambassadorship Kit?

Included in the Ambassador Kit is the CYW Young Ambassador’s Passport, a T-shirt, bookmarks, stickers, CYW Cards, a badge and a CYW Quest DVD containing all the tools you need to create an awareness about the global crisis of modern day slavery.

What do I need to achieve in the 6 months?

3-2-1 Goals of an Ambassador

Participate 3 campaigns, recruit 2 Young Ambassadors and Champion 1 Team.

a. Form a team with a minimum of 3 members; b. Name your team; c. Create your own project stating clear objectives, goals, the total amount your team is planning to raise and the duration of the project. Listed below are some of the projects you could run immediately: i.  Run a School / Campus / House Gig; ii. Participate in the ongoing campaign while setting your goals. Once you have signed up for the ambassadorship program we will be following up on you and coach you through the 3-2-1 Goals step by step.  

What is P.A.L Initiative?

Embedded within our campaigns as we raise the Young Ambassadors we have a basic training program called P.A.L. which stands for Purpose. Act. Lead.

More details will be given out when you participate in our Young Ambassadors program.

How do I share about Modern Day Slavery?

Easy. Firstly, through our campaigns; and secondly, using the simple information provided in the Ambassadors Kit, you will have all you need to know to share about modern day slavery with you friends.

Where does the money I raise go to?

  1. Save One Life is our after care initiative where we help trafficked survivors with counseling, therapy, sending them home to their family, giving them income opportunities and even rescue and protecting children.
  2. To our Awareness Programs we run such as the CYW Experience, Freedom Weekends, CYW Journey, etc.
  3. To our Creative team that helps create awareness videos, designs, music and ideas.

How do I raise money?

You could collect donations from you friends and bank it into CYW account. We suggest when you manage to raise RM100, you should already bank it into our CYW bank account. Important - Please email us once you have banked in so we know who it came from. 

The best we suggest is to help sell our merchandises and lead your friends to our online shop in our CYW Facebook. They could purchase on our online banking if they do not have a credit card. Once they have bought it, you just have to let us know that it was your friend who purchased the products and we will take note of it. But please don't forget to input that amount into your passport.

What happens if I go over 6 months?

As we would like everyone to participate in this program, we have an extra 6 months grace period for you to achieve the goals stipulated above but do take note that some recognitions may not be awarded.

*** For Ambassadors enquiry outside Klang Valley please email us at