Trapped Journey Part 2 By Jacqueline How

9-DAY TRAPPED Be My Protector was brilliantly launched with TRAPPED, our truck awareness program, at Sunway Pyramid on a fine Saturday, where the important actors of the campaign were gathered for a glamorous opening featuring speeches, gimmicks, flash mob, interactive scene, “trapped” experience and art exhibition in and around the truck. The crowd was not […]

Trapped Journey Part 1 by Jacqueline How

ORIGINS An automatic downgrade of Malaysia’s ranking in Trafficking In Persons Report in June 2014 revealed that Malaysia is now at the same level of atrocity as Iran, Zimbabwe, Syria and some terrifying regimes or sex-tourism destinations in terms of its human trafficking activities. The impression of Malaysia as a rapid-growing, peaceful, pious Islamic nation […]

Be My Protector Campaign

  We are excited about the launch of our 3 month long campaign together with 3 of our State Assemblymen, YB Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin & Ng Sze Han and Tenaganita, called “Be My Protector”. “Be My Protector” challenges Malaysians to stop human trafficking by creating community intelligence – raising awareness and empowering them […]

They Never Believe It Would Ever Happen To Their Family

he U.S Trafficking in Person Report of 2014 shows traceable evidence of no reduction or slowdown whatsoever of human trafficking cases in Malaysia. This underworld industry is hellishly booming and more and more human beings like you, me, our brothers and sisters, our friends and our loved ones… are now being sold and exploited by […]

Visited by 7 World Changers

This is a critical time for Change Your World. We are entering into a new phase where we need to realign the organization’s direction. New priorities, strategies and plans had been set, and there were tremendous groundwork to be accomplished that required meticulous clerical writing, boundless out-of-the-box ideas, strategic business mindset, firmed belief in our […]

Empowering and Enriching the Youths of Malaysia and the rest of the World

Have you seen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1?  To me, the movie is about the enslavement of the people in the different districts by Capitol and the rise of a girl called Katniss who became the figure of hope. I’m not going to spoil the movie for you but one part of the movie […]

Why CYW Believes Awareness Saves Lives

Did you know that… There are over 30 million slaves in the world today. There are over 142,000 slaves in Malaysia. According to the US Trafficking Report, Malaysia is on tier 3, similar to countries like North Korea. Human traffickers are targeting your daughters, sons, family member & friends.(click here for report) Change Your World (CYW) […]

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy”

ONE MONTH TO OPENING Everything was running smoothly. Pieces had been obtained from all around the world, some made from crayons, some oil pastels, and majority, paint. While renovations took place in the main hall, all the art was carefully stored in a secure vault somewhere in the basement of the museum. It was when […]

Support Our Friends from Suka Society

We really love what our friends from Suka Society are doing and we hope you can support them by purchasing some tickets to view this amazing show. Below are more information on what you are supporting and the  awesome performance that you would be bless as well.