UNDOCUMENTED, SCAPEGOATED & HUNTED DOWN BY THE HOME MINISTRY: STOP THE CRACKDOWN ON MIGRANT WORKERS The Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s assertions that the Malaysian government needs to launch a ‘massive operation’ on undocumented migrants in order to address  the increase of “crime, drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities that may cause a threat to […]

Take Action Together With International Labor Right Forums

Bloomberg Businessweek http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-07-18/indonesias-palm-oil-industry-rife-with-human-rights-abuses#p1recently published a shocking exposé documenting cases of child labor, exposure to toxic pesticides, and forced labor trafficking in Indonesia’s palm oil industry. Long popular as cheap cooking oil in Asia, palm oil is now the world’s most popular edible vegetable oil and is present in nearly half the products on our supermarket […]

CYW Welcomes Charis our CYW Shield Blogger

Hello! My name is Charis and I am a volunteer blogger for Change Your World Malaysia. Change Your World is a social enterprise that comprises of young people like myself from different backgrounds with a sole purpose- to fight modern day slavery through creative awareness programs with safe action plans. Journey to Freedom organized by […]

Freedom by Gwen Lee

News about modern day slavery are constantly being fueled by my parents to me ever since I first attended grade school which is also known as primary school in Malaysia. My parents believe that at such young age, we should be fed with unlimited amount of knowledge. Teachers in my grade school focuses on basic […]

CYW Welcomes Linh to CYW Shield

Linh is only 13 years old and when we went to her school they had a project they were doing base on a video CYW put up on domestic worker abuse. Below is the video. Linh decided to paint a picture of what spoke to her from the video she saw. Here is the picture […]

CYW Welcomes Gwen our First CYW Shield Blogger

Hi, my name is Gwen. I am a volunteer blogger for Change Your World. “Why Change Your World?”, some of you may ask. The name of that organisation says it all, changing someone’s world. If you can’t change other people’s world, you can change your own world. Change your perspective about how cruel this world […]

Cambodia Trip Part 1

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Cambodia? It’s a poor country? It’s somewhere I would never want to spend my holiday in, that’s for sure! Is Cambodia even a country? Where is Cambodia? Cambodia has a history of genocide where more than 2 million people were murdered. With […]

Guess how much a group of 14-15 year old students of ISKL raised?

2 weeks ago I got a call from a student named Deeban (picture above), He found out about our organization from our website and he says a few students from ISKL (International School Of Kuala Lumpur) wants to raise funds for us. Obviously I said thank you, who does not want people raising funds for […]

March and April Summary

Over the past one and a half month from traveling all around town from going to School Gigs and Campus Gigs to Office Gigs and conducting Freedom Weekends in churches to spread awareness on modern-day slavery to fight this issue, it was honorably a great month for us. Let’s summarize the whole thing! In the […]

Save One Life initiative

Thanks to all your continuous support, we just recently saved 2 more precious lives under the Save One Life Initiative which brings us to a total of 5 lives saved to date. With your kind contributions, we were able to raise over RM10,000 for these individuals. We can never thank you enough for your partnership […]