RELENT is a Kuala Lumpur based rock band whose sonic signature is a distinct cross breed of powerpop, pop-punk and alternative rock. Not only are they known for their electrifying sets on stage, emotionally passionate acoustic sessions, sincere lyrics and positively-fueled music, but they are also a band with a cause that fights against modern day slavery and injustice. RELENT believes in engaging their music to save lives thus their involvement in Change Your World (CYW), a movement that aims to create awareness on human injustice especially in the global crisis of modern day slavery. Since the band’s formation, RELENT has reached more than 100,000 audiences, playing in different cities in Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. To date, RELENT has released 2 EPs, the “Acoustic Preview” and “More to Life”, with 5 life-changing songs on each album. Songs such as “You Still Love” and “Can Anybody Save Me?” will definitely get you hooked to RELENT’s unique sound. In August 2012, their hit “Looking for a Savior” was voted as the #1 song on the Malaysian English Top 10 Music (MET 10) as well as the Borneo English Top 10 Music (BET 10) charts. RELENT members are Neil Batiancila (Vocals, Guitars), Jude Limus (Guitars, Keys, Programming, BGV), Daniel Krishnan (Bass, BGV), Cuzario David (Drums, Percussions)
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