Empowering and Enriching the Youths of Malaysia and the rest of the World

Have you seen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1? MV5BMTcxNDI2NDAzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM3MTc2MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_ To me, the movie is about the enslavement of the people in the different districts by Capitol and the rise of a girl called Katniss who became the figure of hope. I’m not going to spoil the movie for you but one part of the movie that inspired me most is the power of creative media. When you see it you will realize how powerful it is to use media to create the awareness of what was happening in the different districts. Though it may be a fictional story but Change Your World (CYW) believes that it is the same creative power that will free over 30 million slaves in the world of which over 142,000 of them are being enslaved in Malaysia. 2 weeks ago, I had the honor of meeting a strategist who branded Singapore who gave us very good advice and direction. One of the important things I learned from him is not to be shy in asking for funds if you believe what you are doing is for a GREATER PURPOSE. Our Greater Purpose is to see the End Of Modern Day Slavery by empowering the youths to do it. Yes it’s an impossible task but we can start saving someone’s sister, brother, friend or a love one from human traffickers one at a time. Let me tell you a true story that occurred in Jan 2014 where a girl saved her friend from being trafficked. Let’s call her Kathy and her friend as Julie. Julie is a student from Kuching, she came to K.L. to meet her “lover” for the first time whom she met through Facebook. He is from another country and he claims he just enrolled in a prestigious university in K.L. It was a good thing Julie met Kathy first in K.L. whom she shared with her about her excitement of meeting her “lover”. Because of Change Your World (CYW) Awareness programs, Kathy knew this was a possible trafficking scenario. She immediately pleads with her friend to stay with her for the night and insist that she sees Julie’s “lover” together the next morning. Julie reluctantly agreed and FB message her “lover” informing him about meeting him the next day with her friend. The “lover” responded saying that he is not in the country and he has issues with his student visa. From that day onwards, he stopped communicating with Julie. We believe he was afraid that Julie might be a cop trying to entrap him as human traffickers are taught that if there are sudden changes in meetings or “bringing a friend” to a meeting, it could be a possible sting operation. Because of CYW Awareness programs, Kathy saved Julie. CYW believes awareness: 1. Prevents human traffickers from trafficking your family or friends. 2. Catches Human traffickers 3. Rescue Trafficked Victims 4. Empowers the citizens to see that they can make a difference. Read more stories here. That can be your GREATER PURPOSE! Stop and Reflect and ask yourself isn’t it awesome to live a life that I can tell my children or friends that I left behind a LEGACY, that I played a part in FIGHTING SLAVERY which is one the worst crimes in the world today. We want YOU to JOIN THE FIGHT together to End Modern Day Slavery in our lifetime by joining our CROWDRISE campaign. Yes to reach OUR GREATER PURPOSE together, we need MONEY! And I'm no longer shy to ask for it :-). So *Give and Dance" (you will understand when you see the campaign video) and enjoy the creativity of this campaign. Mother Teresa once said “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Imagine with me if one can create many ripples, what can 2 people do? What about a thousand people? * When you give, it will go to our Awareness programs and Restoration programs. One of our Restoration programs is every year we bring cheer to hundreds of trafficked survivors during Christmas. So every Christmas help us bring cheer to these girls as this will be part of what you give to us. Thank you for JOINING THE FIGHT WITH US! You Can Save Lives, Kelvin Lim CYW Co-Founder