Freedom Weekend

Freedom Weekend is a religious event that we can run for any worship center. All we need is a partnership with your religious leaders or groups who are willing to help us present the issues of modern day slavery. Contact us to bring awareness of this issue to your religious groups!

The Issue

Today in Malaysia, more than 7,000 children go missing yearly, teenagers are reported falling in love and sold for sex later and many more unbelievable schemes human traffickers are using to lure their victims.

Our Christian Partnership

Through our partnership with 1a.m. (One Accord Ministry), a worship and creative ministry of Eaglepoint Church, we are able to run Freedom Weekend for Churches.

The Awareness

Freedom Weekend is a worship platform that equips churches with the necessities to protect their church members and help them become more aware and active in opposing modern day slavery. In Freedom Weekend, we desire to minister to your church congregation by leading them in a great time of exuberant worship and delivering a biblical message about why we need to save lives.

Why 1a.m. wants to fight against modern day slavery. 

1a.m. strongly believes that as the unified body of Christ, churches should be at the forefront of the movement to end modern-day slavery and save lives.

They say:

 "In Isaiah 61:1 we learned that not only Jesus came to earth to save lives, He had also empowered us to do just the same! It is too clear to be missed that we had actually been given the heavenly authority to be lives saving agents ourselves.

While “vertical” worship is more of our personal encounter with God, “horizontal” worship is when we apply all that we received from Him by serving the community around us. It may be just a small gesture but who knows there could be a couple of lives we can actually touch and save simply by obeying what the Bible has commanded us to do by performing this simple act.

If you are a pastor, church leader, musician, worship leader, Sunday school teacher, cell group leader or part of the congregation and you want to know what other ways you can practically save lives, Freedom Weekend is for you! "

Contact us if you would like to do a Freedom Weekend in your church and we will hook you up with 1a.m.

For other religious organizations, please contact us here as well.