Urgent Calls/ Hotline

i. Tenaganita

If you see possible trafficked victims, abused domestic workers, forced laborers or any signs of modern day slavery you can call: 012-3350512 / 012-3395350  

ii. Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission or SIAP

If you know of anyone who was abused, bullied, sexually harassed, or mistreated by any member of our Malaysian police, immigration officers, army personnel, civil servants, or any such person, you may lodge a formal complaint to the newly set up Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission or Suruhjaya Integriti Agensi Penguatkuasaan (SIAP). Please visit its website   http://www.eaic.gov.my/ to know the procedures to file a complaint. You can contact 03 8888 6618 or email aduan@eaic.gov.my