Project Liber8

Our mission for this project is based on the Triple A concept; AAA. Attention, Attachment, and Action. We aim to attract the ATTENTION of citizens to this issue as it is only with proper edification that people are truly aware of the situation. With that, we hope to clean the windows of the minds’ eye of the public so the people, especially youths, can be given a clear view of the cruel reality that is human trafficking. We then hope to gain the ATTACHMENT of the public with regards to this issue so that we, as one movement can ACT together to bring change in whatever ways we can; be it by making donations to main anti-human trafficking organizations or by using our powers as consumers to go against human trafficking by not supporting brands that exploit trafficked victims. Click on the Banner to visit their site


Tenaganita was founded in 1991, born out of the struggles of women workers in the plantations and industrial sectors to gain their rights as workers; for decent wages, decent living conditions and to stop discrimination and gender based-violence. In responding to the grievous human rights violations affecting various sectors of the population, Tenaganita’s scope has grown to address issues of exploitation, discrimination, unequal treatment and violence not just against women, but also against refugees, documented and undocumented migrant workers, trafficked persons, domestic workers, sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. The organization currently has three major focus areas of work: Migrant and Refugee Rights Protection; Anti-trafficking in Persons; and Business Accountability and Responsibility. Click on the Banner to visit their site  

Suka Society

Suka Society or Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-Kanak Malaysia (Suka) is a registered non governmental organization set up to preserve the best interest of children. Click on the Banner to visit their site  


The Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) was formed in February of 2008 through the joint efforts of BPSOS (formerly known as Boat People SOS), the International Society for Human Rights, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation, and the U.S. Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia. CAMSA's mission is to rescue and protect trafficking victims, punish traffickers through economic and legal measures, and pressure the governments of the source and destination countries to enact and enforce anti-trafficking laws and policies. The first CAMSA office was opened in April of 2008, in Penang, Malaysia. Click on the Banner to visit their site Toll Free -1800-200-CAMS (1800-200-2267)  

Agape Restoration Center

Rehabilitation, restoration and transitional living are provided for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia by Agape Restoration Center (ARC). ARC is a safe and secure home and it is the goal of ARC’s loving and nurturing Cambodian staff to return hope for the future to each girl entrusted to their care and to prepare her for successful reintegration into society by providing for her physical, psychosocial, education, vocational and spiritual needs. Click on the Banner to visit their site