Trapped Journey Part 1 by Jacqueline How

ORIGINS An automatic downgrade of Malaysia’s ranking in Trafficking In Persons Report in June 2014 revealed that Malaysia is now at the same level of atrocity as Iran, Zimbabwe, Syria and some terrifying regimes or sex-tourism destinations in terms of its human trafficking activities. The impression of Malaysia as a rapid-growing, peaceful, pious Islamic nation […]

Be My Protector Campaign

  We are excited about the launch of our 3 month long campaign together with 3 of our State Assemblymen, YB Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin & Ng Sze Han and Tenaganita, called “Be My Protector”. “Be My Protector” challenges Malaysians to stop human trafficking by creating community intelligence – raising awareness and empowering them […]

Visited by 7 World Changers

This is a critical time for Change Your World. We are entering into a new phase where we need to realign the organization’s direction. New priorities, strategies and plans had been set, and there were tremendous groundwork to be accomplished that required meticulous clerical writing, boundless out-of-the-box ideas, strategic business mindset, firmed belief in our […]

CYW Welcomes Gwen our First CYW Shield Blogger

Hi, my name is Gwen. I am a volunteer blogger for Change Your World. “Why Change Your World?”, some of you may ask. The name of that organisation says it all, changing someone’s world. If you can’t change other people’s world, you can change your own world. Change your perspective about how cruel this world […]

Cambodia Trip Part 1

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Cambodia? It’s a poor country? It’s somewhere I would never want to spend my holiday in, that’s for sure! Is Cambodia even a country? Where is Cambodia? Cambodia has a history of genocide where more than 2 million people were murdered. With […]

Guess how much a group of 14-15 year old students of ISKL raised?

2 weeks ago I got a call from a student named Deeban (picture above), He found out about our organization from our website and he says a few students from ISKL (International School Of Kuala Lumpur) wants to raise funds for us. Obviously I said thank you, who does not want people raising funds for […]

Campus / School Gigs Updates

It has been a busy, busy month for us here at Change Your World. In the month of March and April, we managed to venture into 6 different schools and campuses to do what we do best; spreading awareness on the cause we believe should be stopped! From Campus Gigs in Taylor’s Subang, HELP University’s […]

Freedom Weekend Update

Just recently, we were in Putra Aman Assembly in Seri Kembangan for a program we call, Freedom Weekend! Heard about what Freedom Weekend is all about? Freedom weekend is a religious event that we run for any religious worship centers. We partner with religious leaders and groups who are willing to present the issue on […]

Office Gig – International Women’s Day

To Melinda Gates, International Women’s Day is simply a chance for people to move in celebrating and take action to create meaningful and sustainable change for women and girls. So, what is International Women’s Day to you? For Change Your World, we decided to do something different this year in place to support women’s advancement. […]