Visited by 7 World Changers

This is a critical time for Change Your World. We are entering into a new phase where we need to realign the organization’s direction. New priorities, strategies and plans had been set, and there were tremendous groundwork to be accomplished that required meticulous clerical writing, boundless out-of-the-box ideas, strategic business mindset, firmed belief in our […]

Guess how much a group of 14-15 year old students of ISKL raised?

2 weeks ago I got a call from a student named Deeban (picture above), He found out about our organization from our website and he says a few students from ISKL (International School Of Kuala Lumpur) wants to raise funds for us. Obviously I said thank you, who does not want people raising funds for […]

March and April Summary

Over the past one and a half month from traveling all around town from going to School Gigs and Campus Gigs to Office Gigs and conducting Freedom Weekends in churches to spread awareness on modern-day slavery to fight this issue, it was honorably a great month for us. Let’s summarize the whole thing! In the […]

Save One Life initiative

Thanks to all your continuous support, we just recently saved 2 more precious lives under the Save One Life Initiative which brings us to a total of 5 lives saved to date. With your kind contributions, we were able to raise over RM10,000 for these individuals. We can never thank you enough for your partnership […]

Freedom Weekend Update

Just recently, we were in Putra Aman Assembly in Seri Kembangan for a program we call, Freedom Weekend! Heard about what Freedom Weekend is all about? Freedom weekend is a religious event that we run for any religious worship centers. We partner with religious leaders and groups who are willing to present the issue on […]

Office Gig – International Women’s Day

To Melinda Gates, International Women’s Day is simply a chance for people to move in celebrating and take action to create meaningful and sustainable change for women and girls. So, what is International Women’s Day to you? For Change Your World, we decided to do something different this year in place to support women’s advancement. […]

Videos on “I Am Not For Sale” campaign

Videos on “I Am Not For Sale” campaign. Thank you Citizen Journalist Malaysia and KLTV/Ec Inspirasi.