They Never Believe It Would Ever Happen To Their Family

he U.S Trafficking in Person Report of 2014 shows traceable evidence of no reduction or slowdown whatsoever of human trafficking cases in Malaysia. This underworld industry is hellishly booming and more and more human beings like you, me, our brothers and sisters, our friends and our loved ones… are now being sold and exploited by unscrupulous traffickers. No delay or break can we afford in this battle against the fastest-growing industry in the world, raking in USD 150 billion per year (Statistics by ILO). We believe that everyone has a role to play in combating this global epidemic of ruthless exploitation of another person. We have seen that awareness:

1. Prevents Human Traffickers from Trafficking You, Your Sisters, Brothers, Family Members & Friends.

2. Arrest Human Traffickers

3. Rescues Trafficked Victim

4. Empowers Citizens

Here are two true stories of how an ordinary person save a life and when there are NO awareness, what happened to 5 families who had daughters in college. A housewife one day discovered through her domestic worker that her neighbor had been abusing their domestic worker. This was following the discovery of the conspicuous burns at the back of her neck, which was clearly a result of being poured hot water on. And the culprit, as they learned, was the 12-year-old boy of the neighbor. This housewife, seeing the brutality being done to the domestic worker, was reminded by one of CYW awareness programs and believed that she could do something about it. She quickly took photos of the burns and sent to CYW, who in turn immediately informed Tenaganita, an NGO dedicated to rescuing trafficked and abused victims and to defending their rights. Within 2 hours’ time, Tenaganita arrived at the doorstep of the house and rescued the abused domestic worker. Actions were also taken against the trafficker. IMG_0779   Another story is told by our partner Tenaganita. Tragedy like this one can happen to any kind of families, the poor and the rich alike, due to lack of awareness. 5 college students up north Malaysia were romanced by 5 seemingly rich and caring African guys whom they met in their varsity. Over a course of a few months, these girls who had been showered with affection and gifts, agreed to marry their boyfriends despite the opposition from their family. However, after getting married, their “husbands” staged a sudden financial crisis and pleaded their wives to sell their bodies as that was the only and fastest way to help them settle their financial debts, so claimed the “husbands”. Blinded by love, these girls did it willingly for their husbands. When the family learned about this horror—their daughters prostituted their bodies, they called Tenaganita for help. However there was nothing Tenaganita could do because of their daughters’ willingness to prostitute for their husbands and because of their married status. The five parents unanimously made similar heart-breaking statement:  WE NEVER EVER, EVER believe that this would EVER, EVER happen to our family.”  This statement haunts us until today. We need your help in our continuous battle against human trafficking. As the above two stories have shown, awareness does save lives: the more people are aware of this atrocity, the more lives can be saved. Here are three ways for you to help us: 1) The practical way: DONATE to our fund-raising campaign. Give as low as USD 10.00 to help us continue our awareness program. Click 2) The fun way: ACCEPT THE DARE to dance behind a stranger for 15 seconds and keep it viral. Check #cywgroovement. 3) Both the practical and fun ways   The fire of human trafficking is spreading wildly. Let’s not wait until it burns the doorstep of your loved ones to take action. It would be too late then. For more information about Change Your World, please click here: