Visited by 7 World Changers

This is a critical time for Change Your World. We are entering into a new phase where we need to realign the organization’s direction. New priorities, strategies and plans had been set, and there were tremendous groundwork to be accomplished that required meticulous clerical writing, boundless out-of-the-box ideas, strategic business mindset, firmed belief in our cause and sheer determination. white boardWe would never have anticipated the completion of so much work, and beyond, in just one month. We could certainly not have done it… but miraculously, we did it! THANKS TO 7 marvellous WORLD RACERS: Breanna Mason, Carly Newton, Deborah Jones, Jinnaé Morgan, Kelly Griffin, Michelle Ford and Wendy Murphy! makanmakan You made continuous and conscientious effort to work alongside us and exemplified how close teamwork and collaboration can achieve wonderful things. You believed in our dream and kept trying, reaching, fighting to make it come true little by little. You persevered with us and maintained the confidence and conviction that we could do it even when nothing was in sight and created new things out of nothing. You helped us go through the teething period of realigning, taking all the little steps for us to stride in giant steps. working in groups The volunteer management system has been developed, full training manual written, new brochures formulated, designed and printed, all content in our website edited and improved, business plan laid out, on-going fund-raising campaign organized, ideas for a viral marketing video conceived, filmed and spreading! You interacted with campus students in thought-provoking yet fun and practical ways; you cared for the victims in the shelter, showing compassion through games, talks and art; you mentored the teenage youth group, helping us set up a program for them. You spread joy everywhere you went—you even tried durian! You persevered. You showed appreciation. You served. You loved. Gov Shelter2 What can we say? We thank God for each of you! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE WORLD CHANGER!!! Word changer award YOU exceeded far our expectations. YOU are loved and will be greatly missed here. YOU will be forever part of Change Your World.