Why CYW Believes Awareness Saves Lives

Did you know that… There are over 30 million slaves in the world today. There are over 142,000 slaves in Malaysia. According to the US Trafficking Report, Malaysia is on tier 3, similar to countries like North Korea. Human traffickers are targeting your daughters, sons, family member & friends.(click here for report) Change Your World (CYW) empowers the young generation to save lives. Through creativity (see video here) we inspire and challenge them to spread the awareness of modern day slavery.  Why Change Your World (CYW) believes that Awareness Saves Lives. 1. Prevents Human Traffickers from Trafficking You, Your Sisters, Brothers, Family Members & Friends.  In Jan 2014, a girl saved her friend from being trafficked. Let’s call her Kathy and her friend as Julie. Julie is a student from Kuching, she came to K.L. to meet her “lover” for the first time whom she met through Facebook. He is from another country and he claims he just enrolled in a prestigious university in K.L. It was a good thing Julie met Kathy first in K.L. whom she shared with her about her excitement of meeting her “lover”. Because of Change Your World (CYW) Awareness programs, Kathy knew this was a possible trafficking scenario. She immediately pleads with her friend to stay with her for the night and insist that she sees Julie’s “lover” together the next morning. Julie reluctantly agreed and FB message her “lover” informing him about meeting him the next day with her friend. The “lover” responded saying that he is not in the country and he has issues with his student visa. From that day onwards, he stopped communicating with Julie. We believe he was afraid that Julie might be a cop trying to entrap him as human traffickers are taught that if there are sudden changes in meetings or “bringing a friend” to a meeting, it could be a possible sting operation. Because of CYW Awareness programs, Kathy saved Julie. "We want to save a person before they need to be rescued because it’s harder to rescue a person once he or she is enslaved." Kelvin Lim (CYW Co-founder) They say, "Prevention is better than cure”, we say, "Prevention is better than being enslaved”. 2.Rescues Trafficked Victims In May 2014, a housewife discovered through her domestic worker that her neighbor has been abusing her domestic worker. They discovered the neighbor’s son, a 12 year old boy had poured hot water on her body and they left her to suffer. She managed to take pictures of her burns and send to CYW. We immediately send the pictures to Tenaganita, a NGO that rescues and take action against human traffickers; and within 2 hours they were at the footsteps of the house and rescued the domestic worker. IMG_0779 We found that later that she was to return to Indonesia months before as her working visa has expired but the owner of the house decided to keep and enslaved her for good. It’s such a great feeling to know that we played a part in saving her. Note: The neighbor who called on the abuser is safe as the abuser does not know which neighbor called on her. 3. Arrest Human Traffickers As you read the story above, the domestic worker was not only rescued but action was taken against the perpetrator. 4. Empowers Citizens  Reading the story above of the rescue, you realize it was a citizen who was empowered to take the picture and took action by just making a call. When awareness reaches to a tipping point, it inspires and ignites a society to realize that they can make a difference. Slavery or human trafficking looks like an impossible task to fight but with a community, the dynamics and the magnitude is unimaginable. Mother Teresa once said “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  So if 1 person can create many ripples, THOUSANDS OF YOUTHS can create... A TIDAL WAVE!!!